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Adcom GFR-700HD 7.1 Channel 145-Watt High Definition A/V Receiver

The GFR-700HD meets the demands of audiofiles everywhere

Adcom GFR-700HD


First released in 2005, this receiver may be aging a bit, but it's still a dream piece of equipment for any home system. Because of it's age, it may not have all the cabling inputs you desire, so be sure to check the pictures of the back before purchasing. Especially in the video area, the processing and features can be a bit outdated (although it easily handles HDMI) In addition the menuing system may take a bit to pick up.

That's the things to watch out for, but the rest of it is all good! The receiver doesn't have an equalizer or a bass/treble control in the default mode -- true audophiles know that adding the extra circuitry can introduce noise into the system. If you'd like those features, simply enter bypass mode. One of the awesome features of this receiver is it's ability to skip the digital processing and provide a clear analog amp capability. Very nice.

As the price continues to drop, the GFR-700HD becomes more and more of a bargain. You can easily find it around or under $1000, and as time goes on the prices should get even better. Be sure to verify that the dealer is a primary owner, though. You don't want to take too much of a discount and end up without warranty or tech support.

This receiver makes an especially nice addition to a serious audiophile's mixed-mode system (a system consisting of both digital and analog devices). Like most audio gear, you'll need to give the amp time to "burn in", but once you do you'll be rewarded with a deep, broad, and detailed sound environment that will be the envy of your friends. As you setup the system, make sure those cable polarities are correct!

All in all, the GFR-700HD is a very high quality reciever at an increasingly affordable price, making for a nice pickup for the audio nerd in your life.

Adcom GDV-870 High Performance DVD Player with HD Upconversion

The GDV-870 delivers high value at an increasingly good price

Adcom GDV-870


DVD players have to do a lot of things: they need to keep a constant velocity on a disk, they need to convert digital data to display on the screen, and, lately, they need to upscale from one format to another. The GDV-870 excels at all of these tasks, and the audio and video quality are teriffic too! But it's not all roses.

On the bad side, the remote control, like many remotes today, feels like a toy. The menu buttons seem to take just a smidgen too long to make the system respond. And I had to wait an extra couple of days for the dealer to get this in stock, but none of that deterred me, and I had an excellent experience owning and using this unit.

If you look at the standard product curve, this player is at it's peak popularity and performance, which means now is a good time to buy. Although prices will drop dramatically as new units come out, you're always weighing price to performance, and the GDV-870 looks like it's in a sweet spot right now and should be for a bit longer.

I like the look of the GDV-700: it's clean, neat, and it's meant to do one thing and one thing well. It really looks good on my shelf. On the technical side, the indpendent power supplies, isolated DACs, and a linear power supply with and extra large torroid make for a solid backbone. I especially like being able to output both component video and HDMI simultaneously.

This is a nit but I have to mention it: the manual recommends using a 5-inch gap behind the unit for cables and ventillation, but I've found that 6-7 inches is really required by the time you account for having to plug and unplug the cables while testing.

The Adcom GDV-870 isn't Blu-ray, of course, and it's not the absolute best in the world, but if you've already invested heavily in a DVD library, you are an Adcom fan, and you are looking for a high-quality unit to play and upscale to your amp and display, this is a solid unit well worth considering.

Adcom GFR-700 7.1 Channel 145-Watt A/V Receiver

The GFR-700: Same power, but without the HD

Adcom GFR-700


Weighing in at 60 pounds, the GFR-700 feels like a tank getting out of the box and hooking up. It's getting a little long in the tooth, sure, but the old girl still has a lot of punch to her. Tuning this baby up on my home theater was like sitting in the front row of my favorite theater. It will rock the house.

All the Adcom goodies are here: bypass mode, HDMI, even an RS-232 for software updates. If an RS-232 sounds a little old, that's about my only problem with this unit: it's just a bit old.

The biggest problem, of course, is the lack of "HD" support, which for Adcom means you're not getting th0e video scaling you might need -- but HDMI is still there and pass-through works fine. This is a great system and I love the performance.

I've grown attached to my GFR-700, so much so that I've installed it in my secondary stack. Sure, there are units with more features, but the Adcom name, the high-end performance, and the solid sound means I plan on using my GFR-700 for a long time to come.

Adcom corporate information


Adcom was one of the first companies to release a 200-watt amplifier into the home prosumer market, and for over 35 years they've consistently kept a level of performance and attention to detail in everything that they do. Although recently sold from Emerson Radio to Quality Technology Electronics (QTE), Adcom continues to engineer and produce state-of-the-art audio gear for the discriminating consumer.

With U.S. headquarters in Sedona, Arizona, you can reach the U.S. sales team at the contact information below. Adcom continues to have a strong customer fan base and we're all looking forward to more great products from them in the future!

Sales/Management Team

Dan Donnelly

Dan Breen

Dave Lewis

General Contact Info

Dealer Sales, Trade-In, Adcom Direct, Product and Technical Support Parts and Product Repairs Adcom Corporate Offices

J&B Distribution
PO Box 54096
Phoenix AZ 85078 USA
Telephone: 480-607-2277
Fax: 623-505-9523

AFFILIATED Electronics
216 Route 206 Suite 15
Hillsborough NJ 08844 USA
Telephone: 908-874-3799

Corporate Offices
PO Box 54087
Phoenix AZ 85078 USA
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